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HSBC Asset Management for wealth management

HSBC Asset Management works with wholesale clients on a partnership basis. Our clients include private, retail and investment banks, bank-insurance subsidiaries (unit linked) and online distribution platforms

We deliver bespoke global and local advisory and discretionary investment management solutions. Our solutions are built on strategic, industry and investment themes and client’s investment needs

Strategic themes

  • Asia-Central: Asia is an essential engine of global growth, but allocations in global portfolios have yet to match the region’s ascendance and relative potential
  • Responsible investment: for sustainable returns and focus on transitioning the economy to a lower carbon world

Industry themes

  • Regulation: 
    1. MiFID II: due to the removal of commissions, there is increased use of passive funds, white-labelling and transparent Multi-Asset solutions to enhance Discretionary Portfolio Management offerings
    2. Basel III: is encouraging Banks to focus on off-balance sheet solutions for clients, to reduce balance sheet assets and Risk Weighted Assets
  • Cost-efficient fulfilment: asset allocators are using passive funds and ETFs as building blocks to provide cheaper, smarter, simpler solutions for clients
  • China inclusion: given the inclusion of China into global indices, asset allocators need to incorporate China into solutions for clients as a way of adding value to investment portfolios 

Investment themes 

  • Low-yield environment: the search for income / yield is a key focus for clients given the sustained low / negative-rate environment. The search for yield is driving demand in e.g. Emerging Markets and Asian bonds, cross-over bonds, higher income funds, real estate and floating rate investments
  • Enhanced portfolio resilience: given volatility is the new norm and high valuations in many markets, clients are seeking protection though e.g. securitised, floating or indexed bonds (such as ABS and ILBs) and market neutral and total return strategies
  • ESG integration: ESG screening criteria are integrated into all investment processes in all asset classes
  • Access to market driven opportunities: using market volatility to access upside, especially in Emerging Markets. Asset allocators are seeking tactical solutions, to tilt investments, e.g. by adding thematic exposure through Indian Bonds, Asian High Yield or Multi-Asset Style Factors

HSBC Asset Management’s competitive advantages

The shifting sands of wholesale

The cascade of Wealth

HSBC Asset Management’s competitive advantages

  • Bank owned Asset Manager means  HSBC Asset Management has already solved challenges for the benefit of our individuals end clients across the globe and market segments (mass-affluent, HNW, IFAs)
  • Truly global distribution framework including scalable cross-border funds, locally domestic funds or highly regulated markets and customised solutions (almost) whatever the need
  • Access to HSBC Asset Management and the Bank stakeholders including research, investments, product, etc.
  • Regular new thematic solutions driven by strategic, industry and investments trends
  • Truly global network of local experts: We have a unique combination of developed and developing markets experience, and in-depth local expertise sharing insights globally
  • Robust risk management: A prudent, relatively low-risk cash management approach; detailed, considered set of investment policies focused on managing risk 
  • Experienced, dedicated teams: Investment and credit teams located in 10 locations worldwide with local market knowledge
  • ESG integration: Responsible investment is integral to our investment philosophy
  • Customised solutions: Our products and capabilities are available under white-labelling, bespoke solutions, mandates and managed accounts depending on your specific requirements and investment needs