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HSBC Asset Management for insurance companies

As one of the world's largest insurance asset managers, we offer deep research and investment resources to help you achieve superior risk-adjusted returns that meet your yield and diversification requirements.

Our approach

We focus on helping our insurance clients achieve outcomes that meet their specific objectives and requirements.

We customise investment strategies for clients seeking greater efficiency and predictability of capital use, for example, or for yield improvement or a reduced exposure to market volatility.

General accounts: management of core assets

Leverage the depth of our investment expertise to manage your balance sheet:

  • In accordance with your risk appetite and investment guidelines
  • To generate attractive investment returns
  • For liability-matching or to fulfil your strategic and/or tactical asset allocations
  • To enhance returns and optimise your risk management

Unit-linked savings and retirement platforms

  • Unit-linked platforms: we provide integrated multi-asset solutions and competitive funds. We can also support you in training your agents and IFAs 
  • Pension platforms: our staying power and the quality of our governance are essential for many of our clients, who we support across a range of locations

General accounts: diversification

If you have fewer dedicated resources for non-core assets with a diversification purpose, you can leverage our investment expertise to access credit, liquidity and equity risk premia through solutions ranging from global low-volatility equity to emerging market debt.

HSBC strengths

  • Detailed knowledge of the insurance industry’s economics and regulations
  • Breadth and depth of investment solutions across asset classes
  • Expert research and investment teams to design and deliver highly relevant bespoke strategies

Focus on


Insurance investing in a low-forever world

(Document 706KB)
09 January 2020


Solvency II update

(Document 260.08KB)
21 March 2019



Inside View Episode 2: Opportunities for Insurers in Emerging Markets Debt

The Covid crisis has thrown the existing balance in relative attractiveness of asset classes up in the air and created new opportunities for investors. Our Global Head of Insurance Segment, Andries Hoekema, explains.

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26 May 2020


Insurance investing in a low-forever world

Implications for insurance investing in a low-forever environment

4 minutes
09 January 2020