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HSBC Asset Management for Corporates

We work with more than 2,000 corporations of varying sizes and complexities across the globe to create, develop and execute bespoke and holistic strategies to help them reach their investment objectives. Our global platform provides unique access and solutions to the needs of multinational corporations.

Our approach

Our clients have diverse needs and we provide holistic solutions to help solve their challenges through a consultative approach, often starting from corporate treasuries and extending to pensions. To cater to a corporation’s various functions and requirements, we are able to offer a vast product suite from cash management to long term investment solutions.

Our clients

We have been serving a broad range of client types within the corporates space, across industries, geographies and sizes, from large multinational corporates, to small local businesses. We also extensively work with family offices, foundations and educational institutions.

More information about our solutions for managing pension assets can be found on our dedicated page for Pension Schemes.

Corporate Treasury

Four solutions for Cash Management:

Liquidity solutions:

  • To diversify counterparty risk while maintaining daily liquidity, we offer International AAA-rated money market funds in 5 currencies
  • To meet global corporates’ needs, we also offer a range of domestic funds in 10 currencies around the world. These can also solve our clients’ need to manage trapped cash
  • For more information on our Liquidity solutions, head to our dedicated Liquidity page

Low duration fixed income:

  • Corporates are segmenting their cash needs in order to earn higher yields. A low duration strategy can vary from 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. We usually manage these portfolios through a bespoke segregated mandate

Short duration fixed income:

  • For strategic cash with slightly longer duration of 12-36 months, corporates can consider our short duration solutions. We offer segregated mandates and also funds (in selected countries).

Securitised credit:

  • In addition to higher yields, securitised credit is a solution which offers our clients lower levels of correlation with other fixed income asset classes.

Corporate Pensions

We manage assets for pension clients globally, and are experienced in developing solutions for defined benefit and defined contribution schemes

We understand that pensions have local differences due to the regulatory environment. As a global asset manager, we can offer a centralised investment strategy with local vehicles. This affords pension schemes ease of oversight, with reduced fees.

Family Offices & Foundations

Every Family Office has unique investment objectives.

Here are some of the ways we have engaged with our clients:

Dynamic asset allocation

  • We advise families on part or all of their portfolios, on the fundamental drivers of returns and risk over the long term

Cash management

  • Our clients have expressed acute awareness to counterparty risk and increasingly demand greater diversification, for which our AAA-rated money market funds provide a model solution

Efficient implementation of strategies

  • We also offer a range of strategies across fixed income, equities and alternatives dependent on objectives

Client Testimonial: Why Lufthansa chose HSBC

We were looking for a partner that was global… someone who was flexible enough to provide us with a tailor-made solution that would cover the needs of Lufthansa. And this is when we hired HSBC.
Torsten Kohrs, Group Treasurer, Lufthansa

Our key credentials

  • Global network of local experts: With a presence across the globe, we have a unique combination of experience in developed and developing markets
  • Robust risk management: We adopt a prudent and relatively low-risk cash management approach
  • Disciplined investment process: We believe strong governance is key to long term performance
  • Experienced dedicated teams: We have more than 25 years of experience in managing money market assets

Our commitment to Responsible Investing

  • Our track record in ESG commenced with the launch of our first Socially Responsible fund in 2001
  • We were one of the first asset managers to sign-up to the UN PRI in 2006

We have continuously refined our investment processes and proprietary ESG assessment frameworks to further embed environmental and social considerations that can have a material impact on the long-term value of our clients’ investments. Engaging with companies, policy makers and industry bodies, both individually and collectively, is of equal importance. We see this as a vital tool to share best practices and drive sustainable change at scale.