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HSBC US Treasury Liquidity Fund

Fund objective

To provide investors with security of capital and daily liquidity together with targeting an investment return which is comparable to normal, short dated US Dollar denominated US Treasury returns.

Permitted investments

The fund will invest its assets (excluding cash and cash equivalents) in fixed rate issues of the US Treasury, such as bills, notes and bonds. For efficient portfolio management purposes the HSBC US Treasury Liquidity Fund may also gain exposure to the aforementioned instruments through the use of reverse repurchase agreements backed by US Treasury collateral.

Credit rating

The HSBC US Treasury Liquidity Fund proposes to invest in instruments with approved counterparties which at the time of purchase/deposit have a credit rating of at least A1 or P1 (or its equivalent) from a recognised credit rating agency such as Standard & Poor's or Moody's.

Fund details

Fund Rating S&P – AAAm
Moody’s - Aaa-mf
Fund manager John Chiodi (New York)
Launch date 23 July 2018
Valuation date Daily
Cut-off time 2:00 pm (New York time)
Settlement date Same day
Dividend policy Distributing
Risk considerations

There is no guarantee that a stable net asset value will be maintained. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Where overseas investments are held the rate of currency exchange may also cause the value of such investments to fluctuate. Past performance is not a reliable indication of future returns. The value of investments may be affected by uncertainties such as international, political and economic developments. They may also be affected by the credit worthiness of the issuers of the investments or by substantial adverse movements in interest rates. For full information on risks, please read the offering document carefully.