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We have a long and proud history in Alternative investments, from when we first started advising clients on hedge fund investing in 1989. Our broad range of alternative investing solutions includes Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate and Infrastructure Debt.

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Hedge funds

We have been selecting and investing in hedge funds for over a quarter of a century. As one of the largest hedge fund investors globally, we believe that investment skill can be identified by our global, dynamic, repeatable research process, which helps us to identify talented managers across what we consider to be the best strategies globally. Reinforced by our strong industry relationships, we seek to combine our industry experience and investment skill to capture and select managers during their best periods and avoid unrewarded risk.

Private equity

At HSBC we have a particular approach to private equity investing. We focus on strategies in which we have the highest conviction, selecting what we consider to be the ‘best-in-class’ managers, who in our opinion should be able to reward you for the illiquidity associated with private equity. Our conviction-led approach is driven by investment performance and the needs of our clients. We have a long history of identifying and working with managers in different locations, and we focus on identifying exclusive opportunities that we believe will deliver returns that reward an illiquidity premium.

Real estate

Our team of dedicated real-estate professionals support your real-estate investment needs via mandates, direct club deals and fund offerings. We research, select and deliver landmark real estate opportunities globally. Our philosophy is to bring you as close to the assets as possible, leveraging our expertise and HSBC's global network. We work in partnership with you to help ensure that you get the best possible return from investment and have access to opportunities that are ideally suited to your investment goals.

Infrastructure debt

Our philosophy is to provide you with a reliable and effective route to investing in the private infrastructure debt market by leveraging our team’s experience, our group’s leading role and global footprint in this sector and our asset management expertise. Our main focus for Infrastructure Debt Solutions is on investment grade senior secured infrastructure debt, sourced globally. We have a fiduciary origination strategy approach to transactions that meets your investment objectives and risk-return requirements. There is a flexible platform of separate managed accounts, with the ability either to invest directly or through non-pooled holding structures.

Listed Infrastructure Equity

HSBC Asset Management is proud to announce the expansion of its HSBC Alternatives platform with a new Listed Infrastructure Equity Team and the launch of its first Global Listed Infrastructure Equity fund.

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Risk Warning

Alternative investments may not be suitable for all clients. As with any investment, the value and any income from them can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount originally invested. However, these products can be highly speculative; more volatile; less liquid and are generally intended for experienced and financially sophisticated investors who are willing to bear the risks associated with such investments.